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Movie Info

  • Director: Kalaprabhu
  • Actors: Gautham Karthik, Ashrita Shetty, Sonarika Bhadoria
  • Music: KP
  • Cinematography: Rasamathi
  • Edited by: V. T. Vijayan, S. R. Ganesh Babu
  • Produced by: Kalaipuli S. Thanu

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Indrajith: Flawed VFX kills the Adventurous Storyline

Movie Review by Annie Cynthia (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

With Gautham Karthik as the titular character, director Kalaprabhu’s Indrajith is a new kind of action adventure with failed VFX and dramatic stunts. Refreshing cinematography and neat sound effects has saved the movie from being branded as a children’s entertainer.

The movie begins with a narrative of a stone from the sun falling to the earth which has great healing properties. From historic times, this stone has been preserved and guarded in a place within the northern part of India. In the present day, a brilliant archeology professor, Mayilvaganan (Sachin Khedekar) gathers a team to find the stone. Indrajith (Gautham Karthik), a carefree and happy-go chap, joins the team and helps them on their quest with his wit and adventurous mind. Parallelly, another team led by Kapil Sharma (Sudhanshu Pandey), an old rival of the professor, also plots to find the stone. While both teams delve deep into a forest which is presumed to be the stone’s hiding place, their quest is put to test, when the legendary protectors of the stone try to stop them. The remaining story shows Indrajith and his team fighting their way through an adventurous game of combat and chasing in order to find the medicinal stone.

The character “Ïndrajith” has the potential to be Gautham Karthik’s signature role after Kadal. He pulls it off as a cool and casual adventurer with subtle humour and effortlessly gets into the skin of the character. Sachin Khedekar puts a solid show as a dutiful professor and the valor he has exhibited reminds us of his famous role in the movie, Maattraan. Sudhanshu Pandey plays the sly villain and delivers a clean show, at times outshining the lead actors. The “so-called” heroine of the movie, Ashrita Shetty has practically no role in the film and just happens to fill the gap of the heroine type cast set in Tamil cinema. M.S Bhaskar gives us some laughs in an otherwise dull storyline.

The concept is good, but a badly written script and direction lets it down to the drain. The visual effects and motion graphics are refreshing but has become a failed effort. The one scene where an animated dog tries to leap at the lead character appears artificial, and there isn’t any clarity as to why the dog entered the sequence. Another major flaw is the scene where the lead character shoots a missile using a shotgun – the head palm moment. Cinematographer Rasamathi has given us few refreshing shots like the mountain sequence near the waterfall. The music score is pretty good and brings alive the soul of every scene.

An adventurous ride with a flawed animation and poor direction has drastically let down the movie. Well, what was the director even thinking while filming this? Rest assured, kids will love it and we also get to meet a few wild animals.

I don’t like it

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