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  • Music: Nathan Wang, Komail-Shivaan
  • Cinematography: Wing-Hung Wong
  • Edited by: Chi-Leung Kwong
  • Produced by: Jackie Chan, Jianhong Qi, Jonathan Shen, Barbie Tung, Wei Wang

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Kung Fu Yoga – Even Jackie Chan could not save this one

Movie Review by Vineetha Saikumar (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

At first, Kung Fu Yoga comes across as a rip-off of Kung Fu Panda; a similar film, except with yoga in it. However, the film has no actual yoga in it; just a lot of martial arts and some bad acting. The movie stars Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur. The latter, Amyra Dastur, attempts to emulate Indiana Jones in many different ways.

The film begins with a motion capture flashback that explains to the audience how the Magadha Kingdom in the snow clad mountains of Tibet lost its treasures. Jack (played by Chan) is one of China’s best archaeologists, approached by an Indian Professor (played by Disha Patani) and her assistant (played by Amyra Dastur), both of whom believe that yoga does wonders and will somehow help in discovering the long lost treasure of the Magadha Dynasty. A team is assembled to recover the treasure, but plans are ambushed by a private army lead by Sonu Sood who believes that he is the true heir to the treasure. Chan’s movies never miss an opportunity to introduce Kung Fu to the script. The only worthwhile part of the film was when Jackie Chan shows his martial arts moves and defeats his enemies.

A fast paced film, it leaves the audience with no time to understand what’s actually going on. From China to Tibet to Dubai to Rajasthan, the film changes without letting the audience grasp its events. Jackie Chan, known for his multiple hits over the years, is probably the only person doing his job on the screen. Everyone else comes across as too plastic to be emoting on screen. Chan comes to life with his martial arts as well as the dance number at the end of the film with the entire cast and crew. The popular partnership of Director Tong and Jackie Chan failed to charm me with this film. Bluntly spoken, it leaves you yawning, with martial arts temporarily causing something resembling excitement.

It is tragic that at a time where there are cries for equality, the world of cinema still hasn’t gotten to the point where women play roles other than those that are sexually appealing.

A highly disappointing film with a bad characterization of Indo-Chinese relations and Bollywood, Kung Fu Yoga will make you question your love for Jackie Chan and his films.

I don’t like it

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