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  • Director: Hiphop Tamizha
  • Actors: Adhi, Aathmika, Vivek, RJ Vigneshkanth
  • Music: Hiphop Tamizha
  • Cinematography: U. K. Senthil Kumar, Kiruthi Vasan
  • Edited by: Fenny Oliver
  • Produced by: Sundar C

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Meesaya Murukku: Decent Comedy in a Half-Baked Screenplay

Movie Review by Trijai Nerthi (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

In Meesaya Murukku, Hip Hop Aadhi wears the hat of a director, actor and music director to lay before us, his rocky journey to fame. The film hits the right chords with its humor and music but mostly it showcases an amateur execution supported by a half-baked screenplay. Leveling the dose of humor, sharpening performances and trying to inculcate freshness to this screenplay could’ve served the director better.

In the film, we see Aadhi, a youngster hailing from a middle class family struggling to make his way to the top of South India’s thriving music scene. In narrating his journey, Aadhi makes sure the viewers witness a coming of age premise. Within this premise are moments indicating his struggles, his love life and most of all highlights of the fun he has with his dependable gang of friends.

Meesaya Murukku is clearly intended to please the college-goers. It views life through rose-tinted sunglasses and has many sequences to win over applause from the youth. Ideally, this perspective would’ve worked, if it was backed by a variety of substantial elements. But in this film, all you get is a whole lot of jokes that sometimes work and sometimes falls flat.

Winning over the audience with comedy isn’t wrong. But dousing the film in humor so much that you never take the story seriously, even when it takes a significant turn is disappointing. A story that has all the elements for a potential take-off but refuses to drift due to a half-baked screenplay only leaves you with a pointless experience.

Meesaya Murukku has its could’ve been, should’ve been moments too. For instance, it hits the right notes when it tries to drench the viewers in nostalgia. All the nonsensical humor and fun takes you back to your college years. Many scenes involving Vigneshkanth brings about fits of laughter even though you never believe him to be a school-boy.

Aadhi wears the director’s hat half-convincingly, but his acting skills need a lot of refining. It is only because of his musical presence does he even manage to get away with such a flat-scaling performance. Actress Aathmika too has miles to go before she can deliver a natural and mature performance. As Aadhi’s father, Vivek’s play against type sails smoothly. In fact, he is one of the better aspects of this film. Many uprising youtubers like Shah Ra, Gopi and Vigneshkanth from channels like Smile Settai and Madras Central try out their brand of humor. Their comedy fares poorly in the first half but the second half shows promise.

Visually, the film is run-of-the-mill. It has all the characteristics of a decent production but you can’t really say it pushes boundaries. Aadhi’s music in the film spreads like wild-fire among his target audiences. Some of his recycled songs are also well placed.

On the whole, Meesaya Murukku is so focused on comedy that it lets its other aspects slip. The only way you’ll find the film to be fun and memorable is if you’re a college-goer.

I don’t like it

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