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Movie Info

  • Director: Vijay Chandar
  • Actors: Chiyaan Vikram, Tamannaah Bhatia
  • Music: S. Thaman
  • Cinematography: M. Sukumar
  • Edited by: Ruben
  • Produced by: Moving Frame

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Sketch: It is the typical gangster film that fails to charm Vikram fans

Movie Review by Dhanalakshmi R (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

At the very beginning, it would be safe to say that Sketch has nothing new to offer to Tamil cinema audience as the premise of the film is done and dusted. It follows the life of a typical North Chennai thug. With a predictable plot, known trajectory, slow narrative and weak screenplay, Sketch becomes a tedious watch. Vikram’s screen presence, great cinematography and the social message that the film intends to put forth are the only redeeming factors.

Jeeva, known as Sketch (Vikram), is a thug who works under Sait (Harish Peradi), owner of a car mechanic shop. On the side, he runs an illegal business of ceasing vehicles. Just in case you are wondering why Vikram’s character is called Sketch, it is his meticulous ‘sketch plans’ that help him cease vehicles from their owners. On one fine day Sait tells him about gangster Kumar (Baburaj) and his vintage Fiat car, which he guards like a hawk and Jeeva decides to steal this car just to display his prowess at stealing. As he succeeds, he earns the wrath of Kumar. Things get chaotic for Jeeva post this incident. If this is not a frivolous reason to pick enmity with a gangster, then we don’t know, what is!

The love life of Jeeva and Amuthavalli (Tamannah) does not really strike a chord. Their chemistry seems forced and the whole idea of an educated college girl falling for a thug is almost an age-old phenomenon in Tamil cinema now.

Interestingly, it is the supporting cast that add the much needed relief in this gangster flick. Maari (Soori), Ravi (R.K Suresh), Bhaskar (Sriman) and Chitti (Vinoth) get to play remarkable characters and are fun to watch.

Among other problems with the film, is the character sketch of lead characters. For instance, Jeeva is shown as a thug, who comes from an educated middle-class family. One would expect a background story giving out the reason for his pursuing a different trajectory in life. But no, you never get it. The presence of Sakthivel (Abishek), an errant cop in the film has no justification till the very end. Similarly, there is a long list of characters in the film, who are present in the film without any purpose.

The cinematography of the movie is worth mentioning. Sukumar has captured the soul of North Madras beautifully in the movie. Every frame appears to have been given some thought and many of them have strong visual appeal.

The music of the film is similar to most gangster flicks. Jeeva’s introductory scenes is typical and high on beats and rhythm. Except the background score which is at par with most films of the genre, the music is forgettable.

Individually, a few elements click for the mainstream Tamil cinema audience. The climax scene is shot interestingly and has the desired impact and even leaves you with a strong social message. But beyond that, there is hardly any novelty or charm that one expects in Vikram’s brand of cinema.

I don’t like it

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