5 Reasons Why La La Land Will Give You Wings of Hope

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5 Reasons Why La La Land Will Give You Wings of Hope

La La Land’s dazzling beauty lies in its ability to paint a struggling artist’s true picture. It breaks open the cold and ugly side of show business but it also lights up a million colours in your heart through its portrayal of passion.

It is so easy to be carried away by the film’s dreamy locations, brilliant cast, breath-taking visuals and awe-inspiring music but underneath all these beautiful layers lay a supply of undeterred hope for the fools who dream.

From relatable struggles to mastering the art of saying no, La La Land will give you wings of hope if you’re an aspiring artist.

Relatable Struggles

If you’re a twenty something aspirant trying to make it big in the show business, you know you’re in for quite a rocky ride. At every turn, the very nature of your job will present you with hoops to jump through. So, what is the only silver lining when you’ve had one of those rough days? Knowing and believing that you aren’t alone. This is the reassurance La La Land provides you with.

In La La Land’s big bad world, the struggles of the central characters feel immensely relatable. Every wrong turn the character takes make you feel relief. It enables you to realize that you are not alone in your struggles. This beautiful perspective motivates you to push through the bad days and appreciate the good ones.

Relentless Perseverance

In La La Land, there was one constant that Sebastian and Mia share in common. They share the experience of facing multiple failures. One after another, failures keep coming their way and these missed opportunities almost break their shell of hope into several little pieces. But right when they’re on the verge of giving up, life hands them a tiny taste of success. This perseverance exhibited by the characters is truly inspiring.

When you fall down more than you fair share of times, reliving their journey motivates you to persevere too. This is how director Damien Chazelle summons the fighter in you, so effortlessly.

Staying True to Yourself

There comes a moment in La La Land where Sebastian attains everything he’s ever dreamt of. But his extravagances come at a price. Taking up this life he has dreamt of means that he will not stay true to himself. When his curiosity gets the better of him, he does side with the extravagances and fame. But when he realizes that he is no longer true to himself, he gives it all up in a heartbeat.

In life, you know you will be presented with those tempting choices. Chances are you will even take them up, but at that moment of revelation, the first thing that will come to your mind will have to be Sebastian’s ultimate sacrifice. A sacrifice that will put you one step ahead of the others. A sacrifice you will proudly make due to his moving fictional account.

Surviving Bad Jobs

In order to earn your fair share of the limelight, your skills will be put to test very often. These tests come to you in the form of difficult and unbearable jobs. This track that resembles reality a little too brightly is handled impeccably well in La La Land.

You see Mia and Sebastian living their worst nightmares amidst their journey of attaining career goals, but what really takes them down the road to success is their decision to stick it out even when the moving gets tough. With a little reminder from these two characters, you will receive the energy to shine through impossible jobs.

Saying ‘No’

If you notice closely, you will witness Mia and Sebastian mastering the gentle art of saying no. Their perseverance comes hand in hand with integrity. They don’t stand behind bad decisions; they eventually break free of them.

At one point, Mia says no to petty roles, she decides her reputation is worth more than her anxiousness to land an opportunity. When you see her emerge victorious and guilt-free after uttering a rightful no, you are undoubtedly inclined to say no to all those useless tasks that aren’t worthy of you or your time.

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