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5 Legendary Films of George Clooney

George Clooney is the face of perseverance. Before his stupendous stardom, he faced numerous failures. In fact, fourteen television pilots he starred in got cancelled before he landed a lump sum role in ER. As he rose to fame, he gave back to his community and stood tall with a heart that is truly larger than life.

On his 56th birthday, we’ve decided to take you on a walk down his legendary wall of fame. Featured in this listicle are some of his finest works. So, bring in his birthday by reliving and celebrating his abundant legacy.

Good Night, And Good Luck

Directed by George Clooney himself, Good Night, And Good Luck is a pronounced account of the conflict between Senator Joseph McCarthy and the legendary journalist Edward R Murrow that took place during the senator’s Anti-Communist campaign.

Clooney tackles this promising premise with graceful wisdom. To make sure this film sees the light of day, he went to great lengths and risked everything.

As an actor, he has very little to do in the film. But as a director and writer, you can see his masterstrokes and auteur qualities in the film’s dramatic storytelling. He keeps away from sensationalizing this story by focusing on the intent of the characters. He also mindfully covers the pitfalls and successes they encounter in a memorable manner.

Shot entirely in black and white, Good Night and Good Luck has to be one Clooney’s boldest films of all time.

Three Kings

As the foolhardy and suspicious Sergeant Major Archie Gates, George Clooney enthralls you effortlessly. Since his character is constantly caught up in a battle between greed and morality, Clooney organically brings in fascinating shades of grey, forcing you to share a love-hate relationship with the sergeant.

Three Kings wasn’t appreciated in its time but it is a treasurable film with a distinctive screenplay. Clooney stands behind most of the memorable scenes in the film, masterfully delivering witty dialogues.

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton is a complex man. He isn’t happy; in fact he is secretly burned out. But beneath all those layers of unhappiness, he is a man of immense intelligence. Lurking behind the shadows of this intelligent man is a perfectly-nuanced Clooney whose metamorphosis in the film won him a lot of respect and recognition.

Right after Michael Clayton hit the silver screens in 2007, Clooney became the world’s favourite and fierce fictional fixer. He shines brightest in this captivating thriller and takes you along for an unforgettable journey through the unforgiving concrete jungle.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is quite the spectacle. Even the toughest critics in the industry were bedazzled by its charm. But amidst all the sparkle is the charismatic Danny Ocean and his infamous sophistication.

As Danny Ocean, Clooney takes you on a fun ride with his infectious enthusiasm and awe-inspiring originality. You cannot take a walk down his hall of fame without stopping to relive this remarkable heist film.


In this intense and intricate political thriller, George Clooney delivers a stunning performance as the CIA field agent Bob Barnes whose alliances in the Middle East lands him in jeopardy.

This is easily one of Clooney’s most demanding roles and he assumes his character by bringing about a balance of intellectual and heroic qualities. He sways through the narrative with his perplexing bravado.

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