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Five Immortal Songs of Adele’s Career

Who is the Queen Bee of music? With her recording breaking tendencies and self-identifying symphonies, it has to be none other than Adele. You just cannot escape her voice. When she sings, she starts a fire in your heart with her verses and motivates you to own up to your personality.

Since it’s her birthday today, we’ve picked five of her masterpieces for you to play on loop all day. Consider this an ode to her distinct vocal range and sweeping expressions.

Rolling In The Deep

Drenched in raw emotion and dipped in untouched power, “Rolling In The Deep” is undoubtedly the single that impelled her to superstardom.

Through this compelling single, she sings directly to your broken heart and enables you to put back the pieces with newfound yet resting ease.

Fuelling her inner goddess, Adele displays enough gusto to make Rolling in the Deep, the biggest hit the industry has seen in the last 25 years.

Set Fire To The Rain

If anyone could “Set Fire to the Rain” it has to be Adele. This mammoth of a single has the just the right dose of bitter-sweetness to sway you to comfort.

Through this rendition, she gives you, your minute of darkness right before you stand in the sun. It encloses you in moment of grief before you experience irreplaceable relief.

You don’t summon the fire or the rain unless there is a magnum opus to be dealt with and this Adele single, provides enough scope for greatness.


Skyfall is without a doubt one of the most immortal Bond songs of all time. Who better than Adele to immortalize James Bond’s legendary charm.

The benevolence of the piano and the drama of Adele’s raw and fierce voice is more than enough to transport you to the moon and back. The awards and accolades it’s swept away is well deserving of its candor.

Someone Like You

Adele’s “Someone Like You” exudes poignance. On a rainy day, this single accompanied by a tub of ice-cream gets along like a house on fire. It tugs at your heartstrings and sets you free.

The single’s relatability is what makes it so heart-wrenching. It uncontrollably reminds you of your lost love and takes you to a place of emotional sanctity.


On the morning of October 23, 2015, Hello played on for the very first time on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show. In the very first listen, it blows you away with its sense of intensive nostalgia. You wonder if its incredibility is due to Adele’s high pitches or the return of verses that reek of undeniable familiarity.

Even if you put aside all the records ‘Hello’ broke, it is still a self-sustaining work of brilliance. After a hiatus, Adele’s Hello brought back the joy which comes with listening to an artist who effortlessly emits earnestness through their body of work.

After taking the world by a storm with her music, Adele has reached a place of undisputed luster. She is truly worthy of the worldwide popularity she ceaselessly garners. In the dawn of her 29th birthday, you can’t help but hope she goes on to rule the world of music eternally.

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