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7 Goofiest Captain Jack Sparrow Moments

Captain Jack Sparrow can be infuriatingly insane and undeniably fascinating at the same time. You can be captivated by his swagger or be burned by his sarcasm, but when it comes down to it, Pirates of the Caribbean is truly incomplete without Sparrow and his infamous brand of insanity.

Since Pirates of the Caribbean is gearing up to release this weekend, we’ve put together some of Jack Sparrow’s goofiest moments to set you attune to the madness he will be bringing to the latest instalment. Read, laugh and get set for an awe-inspiring joy ride.

“A chance to do the right thing”

Doing the right thing is far too mainstream for Sparrow’s taste. When he receives a chance to do the right thing, he waves at it till it goes away. If only we shared Sparrow’s amusing take on life. We’d be less serious and carry more swag.

“You’re Mad”

Great writers often stress on the importance of madness. They believe madness is the key to uncovering life’s greatest gifts. This madness runs like the river Nile in Sparrow’s veins. As long as we’re a witness to his brand of madness, it’s all great but if you’re in the receiving end, all you can do is surrender you wits and wait for it to pass. .

“Where’s Elizabeth?”

Now, now. Wretched or not, Jack Sparrow is a man of his words and this hilarious scene is proof of just that. With him around, your promises will be kept, but the manner in which they will be carried out may not always please you.

“Kill Them All”

If all the Jack Sparrows of the world came together, there would arise no necessity to wage wars. Imagine, if only this thought had entered our minds. Politicians would be extinct, Reality TV would face its deadly enemy and we could bid goodbye to wrestle mania.

“This Dock is off Limits for Civilians

This moment is a visual lesson in confrontational tactics. There can’t be a burn, mightier than this one. After being a witness to this scene, it is safe to say that Sparrow’s sharp tongue can pierce through your heart in an extremely effortless and excruciatingly painful manner. He might have the walk of a monkey, but he definitely has the mouth of Fox.

“You Lied to me by telling me the truth”

This scene is a gentle reminder of what a wholly amazing creation Captain Jack Sparrow is. He is goofy, he throws undodgeable burns, he can mock you endlessly and he always has a trick up his sleeve. But on the rare occasion that he gets fooled, he accepts defeat and learns from it. So, in this hilarious scene, Sparrow doesn’t get pulled down by defeat, he is in awe of the sneaky trick that got him fooled. Is this how the ambiguously insane roll? Undoubtedly!

“Jar of Dirt”

Sméagol has his precious, Harry Potter has his scar, the Hulk has his superhuman strength but what does the quirk-some Jack Sparrow have? He has his infamous Jar of Dirt. With this jar of dirt, he could take over the world and rule it by delivering one goofy antic at a time. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, you just can’t do without him.

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