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Movie Info

  • Director: Milind Rau
  • Actors: Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah
  • Music: Girishh
  • Cinematography: Shreyaas Krishna
  • Edited by: Lawrence Kishore
  • Produced by: Siddharth

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Aval:This film is high on chills and thrills

Movie Review by Dhanalakshmi (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

Over the last few years, numerous horror films have been churned out in the Tamil film industry and very few of them have managed to induce genuine fear among the audience. Aval is a serious attempt in the horror genre and it fairly succeeds. The movie has all the right elements for a great horror film and leaves you at the edge of your seat in most parts.

The story is set in the backdrop of a hill station in Himachal Pradesh and it is this very fact that adds a certain level of spookiness to the film. Krish (Siddharth), a brain surgeon and Lakshmi (Andrea) are a happily married couple. Paul (Atul Kulkarni) and his family move to the house next door and both families immediately warm up to each other. But all hell breaks loose when Paul’s elder daughter Jenny (Anisha Angelina) starts acting strange one fine day and it is realized eventually that she is possessed by an evil spirit.

Every character in the film is well etched out and comes with its own complexities. Jenny is troubled about her dead mother and is seen glued to horror stories. Lakshmi, who is pregnant, is shown to be temperamental and immensely conscious about Jenny’s closeness to her husband. Krish is shown to be a committed professional, who considers his work above everything else. Paul, portrayed perfectly by supremely talented Atul Kulkarni, wins your heart as the doting father genuinely concerned about their well-being and distraught over Jenny’s strange behavior.

Even side characters like Dr.Prasad (Suresh), the psychiatrist who treats Jenny and even the sorcerer have their own eccentricities.

Each scene appears well thought-out and is filmed exceptionally well. A particular scene that shows exorcism of Jenny before the intermission sticks with you hours after the movie ends. Interestingly, the director constantly makes you think whether the character of Jenny is genuinely possessed or is just having certain psychological issues. For instance, there is scene where Dr.Prasad, examines Jenny’s room, looks for hints and argues that she is not possessed but mentally disturbed. Girishh’s background score stands out and so does Shreyaas Krishna’s excellent cinematography as they lend the necessary support to the film.

Horror film enthusiasts will find scenes that have strong resemblance to scenes from popular Hollywood films like Exorcist, The Conjuring and Insidious. As a result, many of them might lack originality but they are well-adapted to suit local taste. Aval gives you scary moments that stay long after you have left the hall.

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