Dobaara: See Your Evil

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Movie Info

  • Director: Prawaal Raman
  • Actors: Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem, Lisa Ray, Adil Hussain, Madalina Bellariu Ion, Rhea Chakraborty, Abhishek Singh, Rysa Saujani
  • Music: Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Samira Koppikar
  • Cinematography: Anuj Dhawan
  • Edited by: Hakeem Azeez, Nipun Gupta
  • Produced by: Prawaal Raman, Ishan Saksena, Vikram Khakhar, Sunil Shah

Movie Reviews

Dobaara: See Your Evil – Deja Vu Gone Wrong

Movie Review by Anand Jha

The supernatural has a clever Modus operandi. Prawaal Raman’s Dobaara: See Your Evil isn’t the usual ‘You turn and the ghost is looking right at you’ movie. It’s a movie with lesser jumpy scenes, focusing more on bridging the events of present day happenings and the gloomy past of the Merchants.

Natasha Merchant (Huma Qureshi) is portrayed as the focused older sister. Hell bent to fully understand what exactly went wrong in the utopian life of the Merchants. Her brother Kabir (Saqib Saleem) has recently been released from a correctional facility, being accused of a crime that his sister Natasha thinks has been done by someone else. The arguments to and for pertaining to the existence of the diabolic supernatural then ensues. The dawn of fear comes from the scene where Natasha (Huma Qureshi) is seen to take a bite of a bulb rather than the Apple she was nibbling.

The first half of the movie is dedicated towards concretizing factual storyline and to give audience a plot objective. The camera-work is right on the money maneuvering between the past and present.

The second half makes you finish your popcorn fast, as the excitement to know the plight of brother sister duo engulfs. Alex Merchant (Adil Hussain) gives a fine performance as the perfect husband and a dad who succumbs to the evil influence of the possessed mirror. He is catalytic to the plot, a scene where he is seen to mutter random words and dance a jungle voodoo ritual dance is spine chilling. It’s an abrupt scene but fits right in the centre.

“Whatever is done can be done again. There is nothing new in this world” this is quoted by the physical embodiment of the destructive spirit taking abode inside the mirror. As Alex Merchant (Adil Hussain) translates this in Hindi in a robotic and almost completely possessed way. The significance of the film’s title Dobaara is understood. Official adaptation of the 2013 Oculus Dobaara: See your evil creates the right amount of magic (sorcery) to leave you spellbound (no pun intended).

Flaws come only in the face of the physical embodiment of mirror. The witch is shown quite a number of times which brings down the fear quotient. The soundtrack doesn’t add much to the candour of the movie. Overall a movie with good performances, mind boggling in the right way.

I don’t like it

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