Iravukku Aayiram Kangal

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Movie Info

  • Director: Mu. Maran
  • Actors: Arulnithi, Ajmal, Mahima Nambiar, Vidya Pradeep
  • Music: Sam CS
  • Cinematography: Aravinnd Singh
  • Edited by: San Lokesh
  • Produced by: G. Dilli Babu

Movie Reviews

Iravukku Aayiram Kangal: This thriller is interesting in parts but loosens its grip in quite a few places

Movie Review by Annie Cynthia (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

When director Mu Maran says that his directorial debut is inspired by true events, we buckle up for a thrilling ride and we must say, we did enjoy it albeit in parts. A whodunit, crime-action thriller, from Axess Film Factory, Iravukku Aayiram Kangal’s hyperlinked storytelling and nonlinear narrative is exciting to a point, but too many plot twists and too many characters play a spoilsport.

The movie’s opening has a reverberating score by Sam CS, who has done a wonderful job throughout the film and at times, his score is responsible for evoking certain emotions among audience. The cinematography by Aravind Singh is top-class who introduces us to the lead, Bharath (Arulnidhi) in a classic slow-motion sequence. The movie moves back and forth with numerous flashback sequences and Singh does a great job in conveying the same through his camera work.

Bharath and Suseela (Mahima Nambiar) are portrayed as onscreen lovers. The former is a call taxi driver and the latter work as a stay-at-home nurse for a middle-aged couple Vasanth (John Vijay) and Roopala (Chaya Singh). Suseela learns that Roopala is suffering from a troubled marriage with Vasanth and sympathizes with her. One day, while Suseela is assaulted by an unknown taxi driver, she is rescued by Ganesh (Ajmal) and he seems to be smitten by her (or that is what we are made to believe!).

Eventually, it is revealed that Ganesh is a serial blackmailer, who targets the middle aged people and intends to make Roopala his next victim. When Bharath finds out that Ganesh is stalking Susheela, he decides to confront him at his residence. Once he reaches Ganesh’s house on a rainy fateful night, all hell breaks loose! The place already has other characters in pursuit of Ganesh and one of Ganesh’s accomplices is murdered. The story looks at multiple angles and intends to reveal eventually, who orchestrated the murder. The climax reveals all the answers.

A pure mystery thriller, the movie flows with graceful continuity and the director has managed to link sequences perfectly. But the use of too many flashback shots and the introduction of too many characters considerably brings down the pace of the taut thriller in the first half. But the second half is quite pacey and gripping. Film editor, San Lokesh manages to fit the pieces perfectly through his fine cuts.

On the acting front, Arulnidhi gives a decent performance but seems to have an underwritten role that fails to impress. His character gets irritating at times with its overprotective lover shades. But he gets to do some great action sequences in the film. Mahima Nambiar is charming in her role of an empathetic nurse. Ajmal gets to play an interesting character but is annoying, at times, with his over-enthusiastic demeanour. However, he does instill fear in the mind of audience and once again gets to play a negative character after his hit movie, Kho.

The movie has a racing screenplay, but a lack of clarity and intensity. A tighter helming of the directorial baton might have worked in its favour.

I don’t like it

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