Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu

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Movie Info

  • Director: Santhosh P. Jayakumar
  • Actors: Gautham Karthik, Vaibhavi Shandilya, VJ Shaa Raa, Yashika Aanand
  • Music: Balamurali Balu
  • Cinematography: Ballu
  • Edited by: Prasanna GK
  • Produced by: K. E. Gnanavel Raja

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Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu: Sleazy adult comedy that fails to impress mature audience

Movie Review by Annie Cynthia (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

It is interesting to see that the Tamil industry has broadened its vision and moved beyond shackles of hardcore commercial cinema. The fact that they are acknowledging the existence of adult films is quite revolutionary. After the surprise hit Hara Hara Mahadevaki, director Santhosh P Jayakumar has come up with his next adult comedy. Titled Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu (IAMK), the film had been generating a lot of curiosity since the trailer was launched. But sadly, the film tries too hard to induce the ‘adult elements’ and they are thrown in quite haphazardly without any semblance of a proper script.

With the sole purpose of making its intention right at the beginning, the film starts with actor Rajendran’s voice-over that asks men to ‘keep tissues ready’! This was met with a loud applause by the male-dominates audience at the theatre. Apparently, the director doesn’t care about the women audience, or was he expecting the theatre to be crowded only with men? Not that women despise adult comedies, but one wouldn’t want to sign up for a sordid, bizarre comedy that makes them shift uncomfortably on their seats.

There is no real story but we are introduced to Veera (Gautham Karthik), a womanizer, who has a hard time finding a bride since he wants them to accept for what he is. When he is almost on the verge of losing hope, he meets Thendral (Vaibhavi Shandilya), a beautiful girl, who shows genuine interest in him and agrees to go on a trip to Pattaya with him – to understand him better. They are accompanied on this trip by Vasu (VJ Shaa Raa), a bar owner and Veera’s close friend and his new girlfriend, Kavya (Yashika Aanand). The quartet reach an exquisite seaside house in Pattaya, having no clue about the vengeful female ghost (Chandrika Ravi) that resides in it. The sex-deprived ghost of the resort haunts (virgin!) men and wants them to sleep with her or else face her wrath. While the two women escape from the resort, the men are forced to stay in with the ghost.
We are then introduced to a phoney witch-doctor, Jack, and his faux disciple, Rose, planning to steal the valuables in the house, in the pretext of driving the ghost away. The film also has a host of other side characters. With many twists and turns in the film, the entire premise of the film is based on how the ghost fights to fulfil its sexual desire.

Gautham Karthik tries to charm in a casual avatar but lack of emotions on his face makes one feel indifferent towards him. Vaibhavi Shandilya’s girl-next-door act fails to leave an impact. Temple Monkeys fame VJ Shaa Raa provides some comic relief but he doesn’t get much scope. Yashika Aanand is a promising young actress and a particular scene, where she smartly walks past a dozen men to buy alcohol at a local shop is quite stunning. But the most memorable part is played by the sizzling hot Chandrika Ravi, who completely scorches the screen with her great screen presence. She makes you look at her in every frame, she makes an appearance in.

The director, Santhosh P Jayakumar seem to enjoy making adult comedies but he fails to draw genuine laughs or a smart storyline. As a result, the film might almost appear silly in parts. The cinematography by Ballu has some interesting shots and captures certain scenes quite well.

Though there are a few laughs and lots of suggestive ‘oohs and aahs’ throughout the film, Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu is at its best a sleazy adult comedy that fails to stimulate the matured cinema audience.

I don’t like it

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