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Movie Info

  • Director: Kalyaan
  • Actors: Avishek Karthik, Sai Dhanshika, Daniel Annie Pope
  • Music: R. Pavan, Deepan B.
  • Cinematography: Jemin Jom Ayyaneth
  • Edited by: Vijay Velukutty
  • Produced by: Srinivas Sambandam, V. N. Ranjith Kumar, K. Sasikumar

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Kaathadi: A kite that fails to soar high

Movie Review by Anirudh Madhav (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

The title of director Kalyan’s Kaathadi (kite) is ironical! The director’s first movie did not see the light of day for quite a while and has a good reason to stay so. Kalyan’s recent release Gulaebaghavali was a decent entertainer with a solid cast, but Kaathadi is a wasted effort with an uneven storyline even though it has a solid supporting cast.

The premise of Kaathadi is the done and dusted premise of a kidnapping plot. Sakthi (Avishek Karthik) and Thuppakki (Daniel Annie Pope) are two small-time crooks, who kidnap a kid. They encounter a cop (Sai Dhansika), but eventually realize she is also a criminal and the trio get together on the mission. They soon encounter a rival gang, who are also after this kid and what follows is a cat-and-mouse chase.

The movie begins on a light note with Daniel Annie Pope’s impeccable comic timing that even overshadows Sakthi’s performance, who seems a little too vulnerable in his lead role. Sai Dhansika’s role doesn’t have much to offer other than being a part of the Sakthi’s gang. Kathadi boasts of a strong cast with John Vijay, Sampath, Kaali Venkat, Kota Srinivasa Rao and the late VS Raghavan. John Vijay’s eccentric role is also entertaining in parts. However, the numerous twists and sloppy screenplay make this film a tedious watch.

The background score of the movie is quite jarring, at times and the music album only has one decent song. But what Kaathadi misses out is a solid screenplay and well-written dialogues, which would have helped the cast to deliver a strong performance. Interestingly, the previous movie Gulaebaghavali also followed a similar storyline, but had much stronger performances from the lead actors, probably owing to a taut script.

Director Kalyan tries to intersperse his sloppy script with humor and thrilling elements but it ends up being an average film with an absolutely pointless ending.

I don’t like it

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