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Movie Info

  • Director: S. S. Surya
  • Actors: Vikram Prabhu, Nikki Galrani, Bindhu Madhavi
  • Music: C. Sathya
  • Cinematography: S. Saravanan
  • Edited by: G. Sasikumar
  • Produced by: T.Sivakumar

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Pakka is Vikram’s Prabhu’s latest blunder. Watch it at your own risk!

Movie Review by Annie Cynthia (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

The word Pakka, taken from the Hindi word pucca, is often used as a synonym for awesome or superb. Sadly, the film Pakka is a failure on all accounts. The directorial debut of SS Surya is a huge disappointment. The romantic action-comedy has a predictable plot and a wafer-thin script at its core. The cast, especially its lead, Vikram Prabhu, desperately attempts to make it work, but emerges unsuccessful. Time and again, he has proven that he has a tendency to choose bad scripts and directors. This one is no different!

The movie stars Vikram Prabhu in dual roles and begins with Dhoni Kumar (Vikram Prabhu), a hardcore Dhoni fan, saving a heartbroken Nadhiya (Bindhu Madhavi) from committing suicide. She then narrates her touching love story to Kumar and shares how her lover Pandi (Vikram Prabhu again) resembles Kumar. A parallel track introduces us to Rajini Radha (Nikki Galrani), a diehard Superstar Rajinikanth. Dhoni Kumar promises to unite Nadhiya with Pandi and falls in love with Rajini Radha. As expected, the twists, fights, and romance all lead to a happy ending (for the cast, not for us!).

Pakka has a rural village backdrop and is shot in hinterlands of Tamil Nadu. In the first half, the audience gets to see the painfully boring and unconvincing love story of Nadhiya and Pandi. There is no chemistry between the lead pair and their love story does not even resonate with cinema audience. The second half showcases Radha and Dhoni Kumar’s story and this one is atleast, entertaining in parts.

One can’t differentiate much between both the characters played by Vikram Prabhu and therein lies his biggest failure as an actor. Apart from his Silambattam sequence, where he exhibits his skills for the art, his attempt in playing dual role does not impress. Sathish’s comedy does render some laughs but Soori’s timing is absolute failure. Nikki Galrani has given a decent performance while Bindu Madhavi mostly looks like she is sleepwalking through her role.

The cinematography by S. Saravanan is the only saving grace and manages to capture the rural spirit. Music director C. Sathya delivers some high-spirited folk songs.

The film also makes use of mundane filmy tactics like using a rural backdrop, catchy background score to introduce lead characters (they actually introduce Dhoni Kumar with Thala Ajith’s Aaluma Doluma!) and leads who worship Rajini and Dhoni. Even though the director plays to the gallery, Pakka fails to click even with the commercial cinema-loving audience.

I don’t like it

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