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Movie Info

  • Director: Ashok
  • Actors: Karthik, Anjali Rao, MS Baskar, Vivek Prasanna, Paiya Ponmudi, Joseph, Krish
  • Music: Balamurali Balu
  • Cinematography: Gautham Rajendran
  • Edited by: R S Karthik
  • Produced by: Jomin Mathew

Movie Reviews

Peechankai : A leftist affair!

Movie Review by Anand Jha (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

Smoothu (R S Karthik) is a handy pickpocket, his left hand exudes dexterity in the noble (ahem) art of pickpocketing. In one such chore he meets an accident, consequently he’s diagnosed with a rare condition known as Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS), where his left hand acts in its own accord. This accident leads to the rise of Peechankai. The left hand then becomes a personification in itself with a mind of its own, snag is that mind of left hand is benevolent and Smoothu’s (R S Karthik) is well, NOT.

The left hand is a moral compass portraying the wrongs in the protagonist’s life. What follows is a comedy of errors and laughter stimulating quirkiness. The plot quickly shifts to Gaja (Ponmudi) and his henchmen who offer money bartered for a service from Smoothu. Here we see the plot being expanded to politics. Uthaman (KSG Venkatesh) hires Gaja to steal Nallathambi’s (Vivek Prasanna) phone as a humiliation tactic and gain a name in the good books of the party leader played by M.S Bhaskar. As the phone holds sensitive videos that can mortify Nallathambi at an extreme level. Smoothu aka S. Muthu is outsourced this job, introducing him into the plot. Smoothu’s attempts go down the drain until…

The lavatory inside a theatre is where he lands himself the elusive mobile. The plot thickness as Gaja (Poumudi) gets to know the about the invaluable mobile videos.

Director Ashok has dared to introduce AHS as a concept but negative points for the screenplay that seems to slack. Brownie points for the awesome BGM eponymous to the movie Peechankai special mention to Andrew Jaypual and Kathir who have, performed their parts well. A movie with several funny dialogues, some redundancy and a light BGM makes it a good watch for the weekend. R S Karthik is brilliant with his performance as Smoothu showcasing a great disassociation with his own left hand.

What could’ve been better: The movie drags at parts and could have been construted a little better (crisper) and a few jokes were highly predictive and dull.

I don’t like it

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