Bruce Lee


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  • Director: Prashanth Pandiraj
  • Actors: G.V Prakash Kumar, Kriti Kharbanda
  • Music: G.V Prakash Kumar
  • Cinematography: P.V. Shankar
  • Edited by: Pradeep. E Raghav, G Manoj Gyann
  • Produced by: Kenanya Films, PK Film Factory

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Bruce Lee: A Miserably Failing Tamil Parody

Movie Review by Anirudh Madhav (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

Quoting the likes of Quentin Tarantino and deriving titles from legends seem to give directors a free ticket to borrow badly from their line of work. Director Prashanth Pandiraj gives you a fair warning of his scene-stealing tendencies by quoting Tarantino “I steal from every movie ever made.” But, be warned. This warning is not enough to make this ‘amateur parody meets slapstick comedy’ any more bearable.

Bruce Lee (G. V Prakash) is a coward who is afraid of everything including butterflies. Kriti Kharbanda, his love interest, and Abbas (Bala Saravanan), his best friend are always supportive of his shortcomings. A string of events leads them to a conflict with the dreaded don Ramdoss (Muniskanth). How they deal with the don forms the rest of the story.

Almost every sequence in the film is lifted from other popular films. Prashanth Pandiraj doesn’t even put thought into characterization; he just conveniently borrows characters from other established films. Ramdoss is a villain whose attire and behavior is inspired by villains from Hollywood movies. Picture a villain who has traits of Joker from The Dark Knight and carries the style of The Godfather. Didn’t they know they were heading towards disaster with this one? Christoper Nolan would go blind if he comes across this shoddy characterization.
As if lifting and stealing scenes and characterizations weren’t enough, Prashanth Pandiraj copies the staging and visual depiction of the song Tere Mere Beech Mein from Shuddh Desi Romance and tries to pass it off as a forgettable Sugar Mint-u Kari. Even the climax sequence is so noticeably copied from the Malayalam movie Vettam.

To make your experience even more unbearable, director Prashanth employs a slew of illogical flashbacks that fail to evoke any laughs from the audiences. Adding a flashback to Kirti and G.V Prakash’s love story would’ve rendered more impact.

Motta Rajendran’s repetitive characterizations and constant references to actors Vijay and Ajith are becoming too predictable and unfunny. Yesteryear actors Anand Raj and Mansoor Ali Khan share very little screen space in unmemorable characterizations. Considering an array of fine directors who’ve signed on G.V Prakash for their upcoming ventures, the actor has to move towards more sensible roles.

To contribute to the unjust amount of copying prevalent in Bruce Lee, G.V.Prakash bluntly lifts the ‘Naan Thaan Goppan Da’ song from ‘Soulja Boy tell-em – Crank That’

In conclusion, Director Prashanth Pandiraj fails miserably in his attempt to create a spoof film. What he delivers instead is a shoddy, ill-informed and unfunny film that serves as a lesson on how not to infuse inspiration from other movies.

I don’t like it

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