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Movie Info

  • Director: Prashanth G Sekar
  • Actors: Ashwin Jerome, Varsha Bollamma, Raju Sundaram, Ponvannan, VTV Ganesh, Santhana Bharathi, Arunraja Kamaraj
  • Music: Achu Rajamani
  • Cinematography: Shreyaas Krishna
  • Edited by: Prasanna GK
  • Produced by: Sophia Jerome, Pepitta Jerome

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Yaanum Theeyavan: Underwhelming and Absent-Minded

Movie Review by Team Rocheston (Rocheston Certified Movie Critic)

Director Prashanth G Sekar’s debut directorial Yaanum Theeyavan is uninteresting, underwhelming and hastily written. The screenplay offers many circumstances for the director to build tension but unfortunately none of these situations are seen through in a justified manner. For a thriller riding on suspense and banking on the audiences witnessing the unforeseen, this film falls flat and becomes quite insipid.

Michael (Ashwin Jerome) and Sowmya (Varsha Bollamma) are head over heels in love. So much so, that they elope to get married barring the disapproval of their parents. Their newly married life experiences a round of terrifying hiccups when an encounter lands them on the bad side of a cutthroat gangster Pasupathy (Raju Sundaram). Things take a turn for the worse when the couple moves right next to Pasupathy’s home. The rest of the plot follows their fight to survival.

One of the first off-putting characteristics of Yaanum Theeyavan is its cliched love track. The romanticized eloping and viewing the world through rose colored glasses isn’t a problem just as long as you’re backing it up with an original view. But if the couple conforms to their stereotypical counterparts, it never culminates enough interest in order for you to delve into a story based on their lives.

Even if the love track is overlooked, the second problem in the film arises when the narrative promises big but delivers emptiness instead. In many instances, there is scope for ample tension. For instance, in their first troubled encounter with Pasupathy, the gangster makes a note of their number plate as they escape. Later, the couple moves right above the gangster’s house. These scenarios are worthy of amplified suspense. Instead, we are delivered diverging story tracks that could to be possible parts of standalone movies.

Most of these flaws could have been rectified through further drafts. A little refinement could’ve lent the film, the clarity it desperately needs.

As Michael, Ashwin Jerome does everything a stereotypical hero is expected to do. His performance lacks an element of surprise. Maybe venturing into unexplored territory could’ve made his performance more credible. Varsha Bollamma is type casted as the girl next door. As Soumya, she is simply too chirpy to be taken seriously. Raju Sundaram is never given an opportunity to walk the talk. He is built up to be terrifying but there isn’t one credible sequence to establish his deadliness.

Music and Cinematography do just enough to complement the film’s theme but the film’s absent mindedness never gives these aspects a fair platform to rise from.

On the whole, Yaanum Theeyavan could’ve been better if it had more clarity and decisiveness. Devoid of refinement, this film turns out to be uninteresting and underwhelming.

I don’t like it

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